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Documentation for the UCL MDA tools is organised by CVS module. Each module has a single Ant build file, and also Eclipse project configuration. Some modules depend on external libraries (commonly the Xerces XML parser) or other modules already having been built in an adjacent directory. Each module contains a README.txt file containing build instructions and documenting any dependencies.

Please click on the module name for module-specific documentation. In particular, see the documentation for the EMOFOCL2 module, which contains descriptions of the main tools in the UCL MDA toolset at present.


  • The EMOFOCL2 module - contains the EMOF/OCL parser, an implementation of a JMI repository for the EMOF meta-model, the OCL 2 parser, standard library and interpreter, and the EMOFHTMLDoc utility for documenting meta-models.
  • The Generic Template Language (GTL) - a processor for the Generic Template Language (GTL), a very simple but general template format that can be used to generate source code for any language or text documents of any kind. GTL is particularly suitable for generating output in the context of a JMI repository.
  • The UCL library bundles some code on which some of the tools depend, including command-line parsing code and a simple graphical editor framework.

Obsolete modules:

  • The UCL JMI generator - An implementation of the JMI standard based on the Velocity Template Language. No longer in development, but required by the EMOFOCL project.
  • The EMOFOCL project - A previous incarnation of the EMOFOCL2 project, which is now independent. This project retains some dependence on the UCL JMI generator, and uses a meta-model based on the static elements of the UML meta-model (rather than EMOF).


Javadoc documentation is made available for the following modules:

Language specifications:

Language specifications, documented using HTMLEMOFDoc, are made available for the following languages:

Obtaining the packages:

The source code and for each of the packages described above are available via CVS from Sourceforge, or as source or binary file distributions from the download page.